Boots on, again…

I am just about to leave for my next adventure in less than 3 days. This time life will not take me too far from home but it’s still a big step in carrying out my plans. I am going to spend only 12 weeks in London, returning after over a year, but I have plans in mind enough for a year.

One of the funny things in travelling for longer periods is that in the days or weeks before the planned departure date your family spoils you to the extent that you tend to ‘curse’ the moment you booked that flight. Even so I set off again and again, searching for something that might only be found within, something that we are all born with, but we still spend years or a lifetime chasing it in the outside world. I presume it’s part of the process, the process of learning and getting to know yourself. I would happily hand over my tickets to anyone at the moment, but still, I am looking forward to my next lesson.

More will follow as soon as I arrive…

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4 thoughts on “Boots on, again…

  1. Beautiful Adrienn. Travelling does most definitely assist a person to ‘know themselves’ better. To take a risk – in your case, to travel – puts the brain in growth mode. What is unfamiliar to us helps to grow skills in perspective, and effective communication skills – be that spoken and listening skills.

    Personal growth could be described as the ‘inward journey or discovery’. The magic lies within You. The outside world provides a framework of opportunity but only You know what makes your heart sing. Listen to that and take the appropriate actions – everything else will naturally unfold.

    See you in UK!

  2. Magyarul is írhatnál….. írhatnád…. szép gondolatok vannak benned—benne… elgondolkodtató… 🙂

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