Let it be…

If I tried to describe my first week in London with my very dramatic Hungarian attitude I would say it was just crap. Far beyond the usual ‘first week in a foreign country’ kind of difficult. But I will just approach the issues with my temporarily adopted home’s attitude so I will say my first week was ‘extremely challenging’.

I read a brilliant book recently ‘Ruling your World’ from Sakyong Mipham (www.amazon.com/Ruling-Your-World-Ancient-Strategies/dp/0767920805), full of practical advices that might be helpful in sorting out certain aspects of life. The book is based on Buddhist traditions but you don’t have to be a Buddhist to see the truth and wisdom in the author’s words. I take Buddhism not as a religion but as a series of practical advices for living a balanced life. One of the things that the Sakyong explains aptly is the necessity of letting things go. The world moves continuously, why would we want to try and go against the current? If we do then comes the pain. There is no way of stopping the movement of the Earth. Let it just be how it has to be.

Of course it’s tough to be this wise in all circumstances if this kind of way of thinking is not in your veins but you learn about it well into your adulthood. Friends are still there though when you forget about that things happen for a reason. At times help comes from unexpected sources and just in time. A long not seen friend’s brilliant and selfless sense of humour helped me through one of the crappiest, oops, sorry, I mean the most challenging mornings. He put things into an entirely different perspective by lining up absolutely fantastic opportunities for the summer – I am looking forward to seeing them unfold! Then someone else reminded me that nothing as bad as it looks like. Treasure those who care about you and let those go who do not.

Have a happy summertime!





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