Package, package!

I asked my sister to send a few things on me – basic things that I couldn’t squeeze into my suitcase although I have re-packed it at least three times, going through a couple of panick attacks. I always try to be very practical when packing but even this way the permitted 20 kg is simply not enough for a three-month stay. Consider you have to go to work sometimes, you would like to sit into a café, see a show, a play, go for a concert and you have to solve these all from a single suitcase. I am really lazy when it comes to dressing. I dress up when I see the point of it, but never when it’s expected to look properly. Usually I am happy with my jeans and shirts but thankfully I have a twin sister who looks after me. She says a girl always must have everything at hand and we cannot have clothes enough. Probably the difference in our stance might account for why she was helped when we once travelled together and crossed a city of 10 million people with heavy but same-size suitcases and why all men passed me. Anyways, I have strongs hands, don’t I?

Thus I was not very surprised when my pack arrived. I can only say now I am fully equipped. There was something else too in the bag though. My crazy family sent me a few pieces of home grown peaches and apricots. Normally we live on fruits during the summers, grown by my father, and before I left he asked if it is really worth to me to miss this year’s harvest merely for a dissertation. I answered that I am not 100% convinced but we all have milestones in our lives when we have to make serious decisions, don’t we?






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