What’s your idea of fun?

On my way home today I popped into my favourite whole food shop for fruits and a few nice words. When the owner of the place looked at me he said ‘Don’t worry, the weekend is over’. That’s exactly how I feel now. I am looking forward to the peaceful, easy workdays. I had too much fun this weekend. Don’t think of night long parties or anything of the kind though.

My way of having fun might sound extreme for some of you but if you long for something new and challenging, give it a try. I decided to get out of London for a day trip so I thought it’s better to ask my British friends to recommend places. I looked up the towns they suggested but all looked like the usual touristy places. I am grateful for the help, I might visit those places too sometime but now I needed something else.

I have a book ‘Walks in the country near London’, a more than 10 years old publication so I anticipated a couple of surprises during the walk but I didn’t feel like checking the informations the book provides. You can call me lazy, irresponsible or adventurous, you choose. We got along pretty well before the internet after all. I picked one of the walks that’s the nearest to London and left for the station. The trip started funnily, because noone seemed to know the village I was heading to. Bayford – have you heard of it? No, not Bedford. First the ticket clerk then the gentleman at the information desk, whom I asked about which platform my train leaves from, wanted to send me to Bedford. The latter even quickly rushed to his computer to check where this strange place is. In the end I managed to find my train and in 35 minutes I was in Bayford.

My book gives detailed instructions on the route including how to find the right public pathways and so on, but at times the descriptions are confusing. Many times I just left the decision to my instinct and took the direction that seemed most sensible. If you don’t mind being in uncertain situations and enjoy climbing fences when there is no other way to get to the next spot then I can only recommend this way of stress release.

I walked about 12 km (nearly 8 miles) in 5 hours and walked through Bayford, Brickendon, Newgate Street Village and Little Berkhamsted. I crossed the beautiful wooded farmlands of east Hertfordshire – lanes, fields, woods, meadows, hedges, cottages, manors and kissing gates are all there for you to discover and enjoy. The people I met on my way couldn’t have been more helpful and they were all ready for a chat and smile so if you can’t convince anyone to accompany you, don’t worry, you will not feel alone. And where are no people there you can still enjoy the company of horses, rabbits, squirrels, foxes, birds and other friends from the woods and fields.



























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10 thoughts on “What’s your idea of fun?

  1. Most of the travelers I encounter get their best experiences just walking around. I have found my best interactions with new destinations on foot. Whether it downtown Osaka, Suburban Sydney, or curbside Brooklyn, its the only way to truly get the feel of a community. Thanks for your post – it reminds me I need to take a walk today in Sante Fe.

  2. Sounds like Alice in Wonderland 🙂 Used to visit my Grannie who lived in the other end of the country every summer. Then one year when they started to use computers at the railway I nearly couldn’t get a ticket as the place ‘was not in the system’. I adore country walks, and sort of ‘getting lost’ in time and place.

    • Not only sounds! 🙂 The British countryside is too beautiful to miss! Those places are the most interesting that are not in the system!!!

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