As most days, this morning again there were girls doing their make up on the bus. The situation was even more comic because they were sitting next to each other. Right in front of me. Is it only me who finds this habit utterly unattractive?

As far as I can tell it’s not only dangerous but kills the last morsels of illusion left for men regarding women. Even though I know only I cry out (in myself) in pain at each and every hump when I see the pencil 1mm to their eyeball, those concerned do not seem to worry, it is dangerous, fact. We only have two eyes for this life!

But for those who think they are ‘bullet-proof’, there is one other thing to consider. There is almost everything on display nowadays, could we leave at least something little for the imagination? Get out of the bed a few minutes earlier and do your make up at home please. If you have done that, there is no need to start again 10 minutes after you left your house, on the bus or train.

I frequently have to listen to complaints about those evil men who don’t treat women as they deserve – that is as ladies deserve. Yes, there are that kind of men. So are women. I do not see difference between us. Start treating yourself as you want to be treated. Behave according to what you want to be thought about you. Tiny things like showing off what is considered to be part of your personal hygiene is one slice of the cake. And now, I am ready for the attacks.

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