What a Week I Had!

This week again I felt like a kid in the candy store. I am not sure how locals take it, probably what I think is unusual and fascinating has became the norm to them and they do not think too much into this.

I started the week with a concert in the Union Chapel. An American blues singer, Keb’ Mo’ was playing amazingly in one of the most beautiful concert venues of London – a working church that turns into a place of fun on the evenings. The following day I went to hear the Buskaid Soweto String Ensemble from South Africa, at Queen Elizabeth Hall. They deserve a separate post, so more about them later. On the weekend I attended Naadam, one of the most important festivals of Mongolians. They hold it wherever life takes them. I will write more about this too in a future post. After tasting delicious Mongolian food, and feeling not slightly nostalgic for the country, I did a walk along the Thames where I bumped into a modern dance festival. And yes, I took my hundredth of photos of Tower Bridge. When the sun started to lose its power I was heading home, but I couldn’t resist drinking a mango juice – made on spot – from a stall of EcoPeace I found on the way. EcoPeace is ‘a sustainable enterprise and alternative economic movement’, situated in one of Senegal’s best mango producing zones.

One of my English language teachers told me once, and she was not the only and last one, that I should better decide what I want to do in life, that is I should stick to one topic or subject, because I will not be able to put through everything I have been doing that time. I just started university the year before and I was getting to realize how many opportunities I have for discoveries. I felt really sorry for her that seemingly the world did not excite her too much anymore. A message to her via this site – even if we do not consider anything else, judging from this week it seems I made it after all. Never let anyone tell you what you can and what you can not do. Do not believe even the demonic voices in your head that might try to bring you down from time to time.

And because my sister accused me of being too syrupy in my recent posts, comparing to my writings on other forums, next time I will write about something more depressive. I mean I will come up with some food for thought!




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