There are two horrible things in travelling. Leaving and leaving. First you leave your family for something new, then you leave those who you met on your adventure for returning home. None is easier than the other.

Everyone knows this crazy dilemma who travels. You do everything to be able to leave and chase your dream even if you absolutely have no idea about how things will turn out. You plan and arrange everything with huge anticipation then a few days before departure you wish you wouldn’t even thought of going anywhere farther than the corner shop. But you still board your flight and when you land you go on with your life as if you have always been living there.

A few weeks or months later, when you have met some really special and interesting people and experienced things you would have had no chance to see and feel at home, you start contemplating the idea of extending your stay. You might feel guilty for letting those down who have expected your arrival so first you just brush aside the silly thoughts. Then more things happen, more people you meet and you can not deny any longer – you want to stay. Even if you can extend your stay only a little longer, you feel that you escaped the moment when you have to leave again.

Yes, today I have extended my stay with a month. My current excuse is to be able to finish the work I came for, but perhaps I just enjoy the opportunities London provides far too much to leave them behind.

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2 thoughts on “Extensions

  1. I know this dilemma very well, and therefore I think you made the right decision. Though you may come back, you cannot stay longer once you left. Good luck with your work, and enjoy your extended stay.

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