‘How do you forgive the unforgivable? Ask the Amahoro generation.’

I have done lots of research, listened to expert lectures in the topic of the 1994-Rwandan genocide but none hit so hard than the recent exhibition brought to us by International Alert. It is simply because no book will show you the real face of the events. However vivid descriptions you read, and there are plenty, words in themselves cannot transfer the suffering of both the Hutu and the Tutsi people they experienced during and after the massacre and what they struggle to cope with until today.

The aftermath of the events is clearly seen on the faces and in the stories of the youth depicted on the photos. Award-winning photojournalist Carol Allen-Storey documented the stories of the young people who were born in the midst of the horrors of the genocide. Despite their less than disadvantageous situation they are full of hope and determined to eliminate the chance of an other, future catastrophe.

Amahoro, that is peace, is what they talk about and not revenge of any kind. For this they are called the Amahoro Generation. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. Let’s keep it in the past. Go and see the photos yourself. Then returning home you might re-consider if it is worth to go on with your daily trivial disputes about anything that you think is annoying. In most cases they exist only in our head. The Rwandan Genocide was real and costed the lives of 500.000-1.000.000 Rwandan in three months. We have to look into the future but we have to learn from the past. Forgive but do not forget.

The Amahoro Generation

18-28 September 214

The Slice, Bernie Spain Gardens

Riverside Walkway (by Oxo Tower Wharf), South Bank

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