See you soon

One more post from my ‘2014 London challenge’ after an amazing day before my departure. I spent the day with some really special people without whom my stay would have been far more difficult and much less colourful. I do not think they are aware of how much they helped unconsciously.

I would like to say thank you to them and everyone else who read my nonsense in the last few months. Even more grateful I am to those who made comments because it means they considered my thoughts and took a few minutes out of their life to reflect on my experiences.

London treated me really well this time. I received all I asked from the city and even more. It can be a cruel place for outsiders like most metropolis is, but with time you learn its ways and you slowly become friends. ‘Am I a fool to think that there’s a little hope’ to meet again? No. A friend is always there waiting for you to return. For this, as I was advised, I will say see you soon instead of good bye.

My posts from the UK might be over for a while but I will be back soon with new adventures on this or on an other site. Would be nice to read your comments then too, but my sexy boots need a little rest now.

Very best,








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