I have been to Africa!

So here I am, my new self. I have been to Africa, and I want more of it. As a first update, I will share the programme with you together with a few links that you might find useful if you want to participate in similar, life changing experiences.

Day 1: Marrakech arrival – an afternoon of free time on my own, but I received all help from the organizers to find everything I needed on my first day.


Day 2: Meeting with the group and the organizers! Visit to Asni and see how a weekend market looks like in Morocco. First evening spent in a beautiful, luxurious accommodation in Lalla Takerkoust (Le Patio du Lac), that is a 30 minutes drive from Marrakech.


Day 3: Departing from Marrakech after a rich breakfast in the hotel. The day is spent on the road. Some of the group leaves by car, others like me by coach. The destination is the Sahara. Late arrival in Dar Sidi Bounou, that will be our base camp for the rest of the trip.


Day 4:  A day getting to know our temporary home, complemented with a bit of camel riding and watching my very first sunset in the Sahara.


Day 5: A visit to the nearby village, first meeting the everyday reality of locals. Dinner spent in the desert together with our guide Idir, whom I will talk about later.


Day 6: A beautiful day spent in the L’Oasis sacrée d’oum Lâalag and the Chegaga dunes, finishing the day off again with a desert sunset!


Day 7: Visiting the nearby Bounou kasbah, so full of history, beauty and tragedy at the same time that you might find yourself questioning everything you know and do. Lunch at our guide Idir’s home then again a big portion of chasing history in the desert and crossing the now empty Draa river valley. Not only artefacts but human remains are also scattered under you feet.


Day 8: Final day of the trip spent on the dunes of Dar Sidi Bounou with the loveliest people you will find in the desert.


Day 9: A very difficult early morning good bye to new friends, then a nearly 10-hour bus journey back to Marrakech. Night in one of the riads of the Medina, where again, I was treated like a family friend. The following morning leaving Morocco with the first day of light, only to be able to return.



For more information about the organizers and our hosts, please visit the following links:

Lets Go 2 Morocco – website – for tours and treks

Lets Go 2 Morocco – FB page


Rewildingbushcraft – website – for survival and rewilding courses

Rewildingbushcraft – FB page


Dar Sidi Bounou – for accommodation and more

Water is Life – fundraising project




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