I was born in Eger, Hungary, that is still my permanent residence. This is the place from where I plan all my travellings and to where I always return.

I studied goldsmithing after finishing secondary school, and even worked in the profession for a few years, but then, giving up the cosy workshop and always dirty and rough hands, I went for further studies. I didn’t fully abandon my profession though, only now I study its history, origin and techniques in theory, while before I immersed myself in it in practice.

At university, I started with Tibetan studies, but I quickly fell in love with the feeling of knowledge, and from the second year I took on Mongolian studies as well (from which subsequently I gained a PhD degree). This was still not enough, so I decided to pay a visit to the African studies programme and I stayed there for the next few years. Within this particular programme I was lucky enough to be supervised by one of those special teachers, who believed that science can be, should be and is fun. His courses led me to applying to the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, from where I graduated in African Studies in 2009, after finishing the master’s courses in the before mentioned fields in Hungary.

These three majors shaped me and determined my choices in the last many years. Whenever I had opportunity for travelling, I grabbed that by two hands. Thanks to my studies and work experiences, I could visit Mongolia several times, I have spent a few months in Russia, and I lived in the UK for nearly four years. Besides, a long awaited dream came true in 2017, when I first had the opportunity to visit Africa. What’s next, I don’t know, I take things step by step, and trust that I will always be wherever I will have to be.

‘and let thy feet millenniums hence be set in midst of knowledge…’ Tennyson


2 thoughts on “Biography

  1. hI Adrienne, welcome back to London – hope your 12 weeks is a positive experience – despite the terrible start (whatever that was about). Maybe we can meet up for a coffee and catch up while you are here. Keep writing the blog as well – I’d subscribe to it but don’t see a subscribe function available. Best, Jeff

  2. Hi Jeff, thank you for visiting my blog! I have added a ‘Follow me’ option now on the bottom of the page. I have managed to sort out the initial difficulties so now I really enjoy the opportunities that arise. I would be glad to meet up for a chat, please message me whenever it’s convenient for you.

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