Job Seeking

In the last couple of months I followed the route of traditional job seeking, that is, I told the organization in question why I would be the jackpot for them. Seeing my CV they even agreed, until it was cleared up that I would provide my skills and abilities for a salary, and not for free. No joke. Therefore, I decided to turn things around now and tell what type of place I would like to work for. I know this exists.

I am looking for a place where knowledge is valued and not treated as a threat; where consciousness is not thought of as aggression; where a wide range of interest does not mean a lack of focus but what it really is – curiosity, and where no need to explain the importance of this. I am looking for a place where the meaning and significance of transferable skills are understood. I am looking for a place where openness means to be open to the wider world and not that I share with everyone whom I dated the previous night. A place where everyone is confident enough to accept others’ professional expertise, we don’t have to know everything after all! So good to learn from others. I would like to be able to argue professionally, through arguments, not Coelho quotes. And if there is no argument, then it is ok to stay silent, because it is not pretence that matters. If this place works within development where they aim to spread information and take action for tackling the issues of this world that is currently in a very poor state, then I would like to hear from them, because I am certain that they will hit the jackpot with me.