Help Volunteers in Hungary to Provide Food and Medicine for Refugees

Dear Visitors,

I set up a fundraising campaign in an attempt to ease a little the situation of both refugees and volunteers in Hungary. I will appreciate if you look into it and consider sharing with your network of friends and colleagues.
Donations can be made via this page:


In the last three months tens of thousands of refugees arrived to Hungary, mainly from Syria and Afghanistan. While here, most of them stay on stations, in parks or open fields, whole families share a single blanket, the lucky ones get a tent. They are cared after by volunteers, no funding comes from the government. Everything is covered from the purse of private individuals. Thousands of supporters provide the ingredients for cooking, medicine and anything necessary. They make food daily: 1000+ sandwiches, plus nearly the same amount of hot food every single day. Their aim is to give a hot meal to everyone at least once a day but it’s just impossible to achieve with their current resources.

Most of the volunteers has no training in how to handle a humanitarian disaster, they do not have much organizational experience, hardly anyone speaks the refugees’ languages, many of them does not even have much experience with cultures different to their own. What they have is their willingness to make refugees’ life as bearable as possible while they wait for the authorities to decide about their lives. More and more volunteers and supporters are joining in but more and more refugees are arriving to Hungary.

We are talking about small children, pregnant women, disabled, old people alike. In many cases they arrive already with some kind of illness that must be treated without hesitation. Pregnant women need extra attention and nutrition, a calm and safe environment however difficult it is to provide within given limits.

The aid organizations that are helped by the civilian population need a secure financial background to be able to cater the continuous flow of people. The winter is coming that can be very cold in Hungary. People will need sleeping bags, tents, mattresses, coats, warm shoes and medical attendance. They cannot rely on the government.Only civilians are happy and ready to help.


My aim is to raise 1200 GBP/1500 EUR to help the work of the ‘Let’s help Refugees in Hungary’ initiative. Read more about their work here:

I decided to support them because watching their work in the last few months I saw that no donation could find a better place. They are the most dedicated, hard working and warm hearted individuals an aid organization can wish for. With your generous help I would like to make their work at least a little bit easier.


Because the mentioned group of volunteers (Let’s help Refugees in Hungary) does not accept cash or money transfer (that is they do not want to handle money), I will personaly buy the necessary ingredients for cooking and send everything to their kitchen. Because the needs differ daily they have set up a well working system in the form of a google doc where everyone can follow what the missing ingredients are on given week or day. I will buy or order from the listed necessary things once a week until your donations last.

With your donations we can assure that for a couple of weeks at least they can count with a steady food supply. They have many supporters from Hungary and abroad but the situation is critical. Because of the government’s inability to handle the situation and treat refugees with the respect that all human deserves, from now on the organization’s attention must be directed towards the borders and near the refugee camps.

Refugees, arriving to the Hungarian border, from now on will have to wait on the corn fields be it rain or snow until the authorities manage to arrange their registration. Even if they get into a refugee camp, the conditions there are dire. Until they can travel on to other western countries, or the government decides to take responsibility once and for all, it is entirely up to the volunteer’s work whether our Guests have food to eat and a mattress to sleep on.


I will appreciate the smallest donation you can offer. If you feel that at this point of your life you are not able to contribute this way, you can still share my campaign with your network of friends, family and colleagues.

Thank you in the name of all the hard working volunteers in Hungary.