Meu Brasil…

My interest in Brazil started many years ago with a pair of perfectly cut almond-shaped eyes. Nowadays I can see almonds only on my croissant, but thankfully, the country has still so much on offer.

Most people goes mad when they only hear the name of Brazil but they do not know much more about it than the usual clichés such as samba, football and hot guys or girls (as your taste dictates). Its rich and extremely interesting history, the variety of its regions and its people are mostly overlooked. However, I will join the crowd now and praise the Sadler’s Wells Theatre for bringing us a Brazilian show again.

Brasil Brasileiro showcased 38 dancers, musicians and singers from Rio, and once again I had to experience how hungry people are for genuine, pure joy that is without a hint of pretence. This is what those on stage produced through samba, batucada, forró, capoeira and live music. The latter would have been enough for me because I just love Brazilian Portuguese. You can sell me anything with that language. I am like this with a few other languages though – it is an occupational hazard. Those lovely and extremely small white shorts accompanied with a mass of six packs were only a welcome addition to the show. And what an addition!

The show is over now but if you are curious to see similar performances just find the nearest Brazilian community. They are there everywhere and where they go they bring their music and dances too. Enjoy!


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